Learning to Row at  the Dallas Rowing Club

Our Learn to Row classes are held from March through October on beautiful Bachman Lake at 2829 Shorecrest Drive (near Love Field). These classes are two-day sessions over some weekend mornings with two additional follow up coached rows.

Look for "Learn to Row" classes on our calendar which is updated monthly.

Our classes are geared toward adults 18 and older (what's known as "masters" in the rowing world). If you are under 18 (or 18 but still in high school), please contact our Juniors Head Coach.

Please read before you sign up

Registration deadline is the Friday before the class. Fee is $99 per person per weekend session. You will need to complete the online DRC waiver prior to attending the class by clicking here.


Restration for our Learn to Row classes can be done here. Open the Learn to Row drop down and select the dates that work for you. 

Swim certificate

To prepare for your weekend at Dallas Rowing Club, you must first obtain a certificate of your ability to swim. We live our sport on the water, and safety is our most important practice. This swim certification can be completed at any facility where there is a pool with lifeguard.
We recommend the Town North YMCA located at 4332 Northaven Rd. The cost for this test is $20 for non YMCA members. The hours for open swim where a lifeguard is on duty to perform your swim assessment are as follows: Monday thru Thursday from 1 pm to 8:30 pm; Friday from 1 pm to 8 pm; Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm. No appointment is needed. Just bring the swim certificate with you. We also accept current Padi/Lifeguard certificates. Download the swim certificate to take to your local Y or health club for testing. You can send it to the DRC or bring it to the class.


Class attire should be tight workout clothing. Rowing is done in bike tights or running shorts. No loose-leg material as it may catch in the slide tracks when rowing. Tank tops or tight T-shirts and short socks (rowing is done in socks, no shoes). Please wear caps or visors and wear sunscreen.

Please bring an extra set of clothes and a towel, because one part of the class is a flip test. Every rower has to show that he/she is able to get back in the boat. We will teach you how and you will feel great!

In case of bad weather

Always show up for your class. Because rowing is an outside sport and safety is our primary concern, weather is always a factor; therefore, classes may be canceled due to high winds, electrical storms, etc.Technical drills can be performed on the rowing machines but don't be surprised if the part of going on the water has to be postponed to a later date.

Follow Up Coached Sessions

Upon completion of your LTR weekend you are invited to attend two follow up coached sessions as a part of your learning to row experience. These will usually be scheduled within 7 days following your LTR weekend to quickly acclimate you into our rowing club.

Once you have attended these two coached sessions you will know if this fabulous sport is right for you. If it is and you want to continue to row at DRC, we ask that you join. Once you are a member you will be able to continue coming to the coached rows free of charge. Also available to you as a member are our casual group rows, team boat rows, social events as well as 24-hour access to our upstairs erg/weight room.

To join the Dallas Rowing Club, please click here.

For questions regarding our Learn to Row Classes, please email our Learn to Row Coach, Walt Miga, at drclearntorow@gmail.com.

For questions regarding the Coached Rows as well as other group rows, please email our Masters Novice Coach, Laura Zuczek, at drclearntorow@gmail.com.