DRC Juniors

Athletes can join the team anytime if they have previous sculling experience. Athletes new to sculling should join in the fall up until daylight saving time ends in early November. In the spring, it is best to wait until daylight saving time begins in early March.

This timing ensures warm weather and enough sunlight for a safe introduction to the sport. However, an athlete can join outside of these times and we will do our best to onboard them as gracefully as possible. 

We require that every athlete be in 7th grade or above before they practice with us. The earliest they can race with the team is 9th grade. No matter their age, we do not like to race an athlete during their first semester with the team. It takes a lot of practice to be proficient enough to safely navigate a race environment. 

The first week of practice is free. This gives everyone a chance to see if this is a good fit. However, a swim test and waivers must be completed before we see a new athlete for the first time. There are no exceptions to this. 

Our season runs from August to May and is split into a fall and spring semester. Our dues are $400 per semester which includes everything except travelling to races (regattas). 

Practices are held Monday through Thursday from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

We welcome all interest levels and have some great kids that are just here for the camaraderie. We're a small team and do not have cuts or tryouts.

For those that wish to compete, we practice 11 hours per week. This is the minimum time investment for an athlete to be successful in our region. To qualify for Nationals, it is common for an athlete to do 7+ hours of training on their own in addition to our practices.

We have athletes from 18 different schools that routinely qualify for academic (and obviously athletic) scholarships to some of the best colleges in the country. A combination of academics and athletics are required to capture a college’s attention. We have DRC athletes rowing at Boston University, Michigan State, Navy, St. Joseph’s University, and UMass.

We also do not advertise or have much of a social media presence. This is by design. Our sweet spot is a coed roster of 40 kids of which about half compete for us at regional regattas. We maintain this roster size from word of mouth alone.

A completed swim test, DRC waiver, and USRowing waiver are required before we see an athlete for the first time. These forms are available here: http://www.dallasrowingclub.org/forms The swim test is NOT conducted by DRC. Take the form to your local YMCA, JCC, or community center. We make exceptions for athletes who are themselves lifeguard certified, SCUBA certified, have a scouting merit badge for swimming, or have participated in a competitive swim program (and have written proof).

A final note from Coach Andy Ivey:

Please e-mail me personally with any questions at andy@andyivey.com. I will be happy to share our team handbook (very helpful) and provide a link for submitting your completed swim test. While we are the lowest cost program in the region, scholarships are available for DISD students. We are a special program with a unique approach to the sport of rowing. We genuinely believe that our approach is the soundest and we have the race results to prove it. Winning is fun and it is a great motivator for many athletes. However, few athletes will tell you that standing on the podium is their favorite rowing memory. Hard work in the boathouse and on the water is what helps great kids become great adults. Overcoming physical discomfort, deferred gratification, and teamwork are our most valuable takeaways.