Group Rows

Our group rows are for folks who have taken our Learn To Row class or who come to our club as experienced rowers. If you are new to the sport of rowing, please check out our Learn to Row page to sign up for a class. 

The Coached Rows will offer further technical rowing instruction while the Team Boat Rows and Casual Rows simply offer more opportunities to get on the water and meet other rowers.

Coached Rows

Coached Rows are most Saturday mornings as well as one to two weekday mornings. Following an LTR there are extra coached sessions to help acclimate new rowers quickly into our club. Members are welcome to attend as many of these free of charge coached sessions as they like to continue honing their rowing technique.

Folks fresh from the LTR classes, experienced rowers who race, and everyone in between attend these coached rows. The focus is on encouraging rowers new to the sport to feel more comfortable in the boat, learn proper rowing technique, experience larger boats like quads, meet friends to row with, and, of course, have fun!

Look for "Coached Row with Laura" on our calendar which is updated monthly.

Team Boat Rows

Most Sunday mornings we row in team boats (doubles - 2 people and quads - 4 people). Every member regardless of skill level is invited to come out and jump in a boat. The more experienced rowers will row bow and stroke while the novice rowers fill in the middle seats. This is not only a DRC community building exercise but also a great way for new rowers to experience the speed and feel of a team boat. Afterwards it is not unusual for a bunch of us to continue the camaraderie over food and beverage at one of our local haunts like Fernando's Mexican Restaurant or Breadwinners Café.

Look for "Team Boat Row" on our calendar which is updated monthly.

Most Saturday mornings our sweep rowers gather to row. Our sweep rowing members vary in age and experience. Some have rowed for decades and have received many prestigious rowing accolades while others are fresh out of college. Most continue their competitive endeavors at regattas bringing home the hardware. It is also not unusual for DRC to welcome visiting rowers from all over the world who like to jump in a boat and row.

Look for "Sweep Row Saturday" on our calendar which is updated monthly.

Casual Rows

These are not coached so only capable novices as well as intermediate rowers should attend these casual rows.

Almost every day of the week boasts a casual row. Once novices have attended a few coached rows and feel comfortable with their ability, they are welcome to attend these casual rows. These rows are lead by experienced rowers who plan to row at a given day and time and don't mind company. Several Members are volunteering to share their time on the water with other rowers. The idea is to offer more opportunities for capable novices and intermediate rowers to row with others.

Look for "Casual Row with (member's name)" on our calendar which is updated monthly.

For questions regarding our Learn to Row Classes, please email our Learn to Row Coach, Walt Miga, at

For questions regarding the Coached Rows as well as other group rows, please email our Masters Novice Coach, Laura Zuczek, at

DRC Skill Levels of Rowing:

Supervised level 3 to unsupervised level 3

LTR classes, a flip test, knowledge of boathouse rules, logging in procedures, safety rules, traffic pattern, and 10 laps around the lake.

Unsupervised level 3 to level 4

Rowing skills including backing, docking, river turns, pause drill for 10 strokes, rowing on the square for 10 strokes, and 15 laps (for a total of 25) and complete a flip test in a level 4 boat.

Level 4 to level 5

Rowing with open hands for 10 strokes, 15 laps (for a total of 40), and a timed 2K lap not more than 11 minutes for men and 14 minutes for women.

If you haven't joined/renewed yet, just go to regatta central. from the home page go to "clubs" and scroll down to Dallas Rowing Club to sign up.